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Suggestions for Developing an Anti-Bullying Culture in the Workplace

This paper provides three significant but interrelated factors toward the development of an anti-bullying culture in a formal or bureaucratic organization. It suggests that legislative reform, via education, mediation and restoration or restorative justice, once instituted can go a long way toward reducing the occurrence of workplace bullying. However, legislative reform is central. Education, mediation and restoration are the pillars upon which reform should be based. Arguably, legislative reform requires promoting a national anti-bullying agenda that results in an anti-bullying culture in all workplaces. In addition, to examining legislative reform, education, mediation and restoration, it will define workplace bullying and identify three effects of workplace bullying, namely individual, social and economic or financial.

This paper agrees with international scholars that bullying involves an abuse of power in work relations between superior and subordinate staff. However, it recogniz…

What You Need to Know About Family Leave

Whether you are sick, injured, or pregnant it is important to know the basics of family leave. The two most important statutes are the Oregon Family Leave Act ("OFLA") and the Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA"). The OFLA is specific to Oregon and is similar to the FMLA, which is the federal version. The following are answers to commonly asked questions:

Am I eligible to take leave?

To be eligible under the FMLA you must have worked 12 months and worked at least 1,250 hours for the company you are requesting leave from.

To be eligible under the OFLA you must have worked at least 180 days for an average of 25 hours a week for the company you are requesting leave from.

How much leave can I use?

12 weeks of leave.

What can I use leave for?

-My own "serious health condition";

-My family member's "serious health condition"; and,


In addition to the leave covered above, the OFLA also covers:

-Sick child leave; and,

-Bereavement leave.

What is a "…

Know the Responsibilities of a Bail Bond Cosigner Before You Become One

A bail bond indemnitor, or cosigner, is a person with a serious legal responsibility. If your friend or loved one was just arrested, take the time to consider all the liabilities involved with being a cosigner before you sign the legally-binding contract to bail them out of jail. You can be held liable for hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars if they fail to abide by all court orders and bail conditions. Continue reading to learn what these responsibilities entail, and who to call for trusted bail bond information in your county.

Using a Bail Bond

Using a bail bond is the easiest and most affordable method for obtaining a release from jail. But when you are faced with the decision to get a friend or loved one out of jail, it is a decision you should never take lightly. That is because the legal liability attached to the bail bond contract is a serious undertaking, and whether or not you face the ramifications for those liabilities is all dependent on the choices of the person you ar…

Know the Rules of Timeshare Buying and Selling Before Purchasing It

When you are about to purchase a timeshare property, you need to be extra careful to not make it a decision you might regret later. Before buying a property, you should do some personal research and make a checklist of questions related to timeshare that will help you get deep information on the subject. Although, you will primarily receive information on resort details, costs involved and other exchange systems; you should carefully consider following aspects before investing in a vacation club property.


During the timeshare presentation, make sure to get answers for all the questions from your prepared questionnaire and take down notes for significant things you need to know timeshare laws and the pros and cons of offered timeshare. Before the meeting comes to an end, make sure you understand all information related to timeshare.

Ask timeshare owners

If your doubts have still not faded after the presentation, you could have the chance to talk to some timeshare owners. A me…

Injury by Accident V. Specific Traumatic Incident

There are generally two requirements for an employee who is injured at work, to qualify for Workers' Compensation: (1) the employee must suffer by accident; and (2) the injury must arise out of and in the course of employment.

As a general rule, employees must suffer an injury by accident in order to give rise to a claim under the Workers' Compensation laws. The term "accident" has been interpreted as an "unlooked for and untoward event which is not expected or designed by the injured employee." For example, injuries by accident often arise in the construction context. An employee that falls from a ladder or trips into a hole would likely be able to claim any injuries resulting from that accident under the Workers' Compensation statute. Likewise, a welder who is injured due to an equipment malfunction or a supermarket worker who slips on a wet floor could also claim. Satisfying the injury by accident standard does not automatically result in a claim bein…

What Is the Point of Recycling Waste?

Having just watched an explosive documentary on the criminal elements behind the dumping of waste in New South Wales and Queensland one must ask the question. Millions of dollars are being made by rogue companies who collect waste and use private properties to dump it. On one site alone more than a million tons of waste was dumped on an old golf course and more is coming daily. Other sites include abandoned coal mines, and such.

Most people take pride in recycling plastic, paper, and glass in the bins provided by councils. The recycling collection truck has a sign on it that so many plastic bottles will provide enough energy to power a home for six hours. This makes us feel good about making sure we do the right thing.

After the exposure of what actually happens to that waste in NSW makes me nervous about what happens to it in the Australian Capital Territory and elsewhere. Mountains of glass shards are not recycled but stored in huge plastic bags and shipped to Melbourne where they are…

How Can Employers Benefit From the California Labor Code?

It is fun working in California. The state ensures you do not face any issue regarding workplace rights, safety or health. Actually it is the California Labor Code that stands by you in all adverse situations. But what about the employers? Who stands for them? Apparently nobody. So if you are an employer in California and a good one that too, how are you to save yourselves from citations and penalties?

The laws of California are becoming stricter day by day and a single mistake can cost you your whole career. Although there are numerous organizations trying to help out the employer by constantly updating them regarding Cal OSHA and California labor laws, very few of them are actually concerned about the employers' benefits. All they do is to make them aware so that they do not commit a mistake that they have to pay a huge price for. However, a few HR consultants are eager to help the employers in California not only to prevent themselves from getting penalized but also acquire cert…

Did You Leave The Scene Of An Accident Even Though You Were Not At Fault?

State law in Ohio requires each person involved in a crash on a public road or parking lot to report the incident to police. The hit-and-run statute also imposes legal duties to remain on the scene, speak with investigators, alert emergency medical personnel when injuries occur, and, when possible, provide first aid to people who got hurt in the wreck.

The rules apply equally to the person who causes the crash and the victims. One of the implications of this is that victims of hit-and-run collisions can get charged with driving off after a wreck. Another is that failing to call in a crash can greatly complicate the insurance claims process, in large part because no official police report will get generated.

Do understand, however, that leaving a note on a parked car can protect an at-fault driver. Likewise, a person who comes back to a damaged car will not face problems for failing to report the incident immediately after it happened. When a hit-and-run involves an unoccupied vehicle, s…

Laws for Juvenile Delinquents and Children in Need of Care and Protection

A youngster is viewed as a reprobate when he/she submits a demonstration which is illegal until further notice in power and in the meantime likewise not acknowledged by the general public on the loose. The prime law for adolescent misconduct in India for the present in power is the Juvenile Justice (Care And Protection Of Children) Act 2015.

Prior different laws were established to manage the danger of adolescent misconduct which incorporates:

1. Students Act,1850

This was the simple first enactment which expedited kids an alternate balance from that of grown-up crooks and wrongdoers. This Act gave that youngsters who have a place with an age gathering of 10-18 years sentenced for any offense by the Court of Law are to be given such professional preparing which will help in their restoration procedure.

2. Reformatory School Act, 1897

Under this Act, the Court was engaged to confine the adolescent delinquents in reformatory schools for a period length of 2-7 years and furthermore made …

Authorized Pot Causes Problems for Police in Colorado

In 2012, Colorado voters overpowering endorsed a change to the state's constitution that permitted the deal and individual utilization of weed for recreational utilize. Deals started in 2014. From that point forward, the state has issued in excess of 2,900 weed business licenses, 481 of which went to retail dispensaries. Therefore, as one media outlet called attention to, Colorado has more pot dispensaries than Starbucks, McDonald's, and 7-Eleven areas joined.

In any case, despite the fact that it's lawful to devour, it stays illicit to drive while affected by pot. Unfortunately, unreasonably numerous drivers give off an impression of being overlooking that and are placing lives in peril by smoking and driving. In the event that you've been harmed in a pile up due to an impeded driver, individual damage lawyer can help.

Lethal Accidents on the Rise

As indicated by investigation by The Denver Post, the quantity of drivers associated with lethal auto crashes who at that …

Do Juvenile Records Disappear When You Turn 18?

Children commit errors, however their mix-ups don't ordinarily chase after them for whatever remains of their lives. With regards to criminal captures and feelings, a similar rule does not make a difference. Keep perusing to take in more about adolescent criminal records, including to what extent they stay on a minor's criminal history and what you can do to prevent them from keeping your youngster down after they turn 18 years of age.

Adolescent criminal records for all time remain in the court's framework. Notwithstanding when a minor turns eighteen, their criminal history does not leave. These records are accessible to the general population, including the military, bosses, banks, schools, lodging edifices, proprietors, and normal individuals who need to take in more about a man. This implies a criminal record can enormously affect a person for whatever is left of their life in different perspectives, notwithstanding if the violations were carried out before they were a…

Regular Will Exclusions

A will is a report in which the departed benefactor wishes to circulate resources, properties and dealing with people. It is a smart thought to make a will, just to ensure that every one of your assets end in the correct hands after your demise. You should sign the will within the sight of an observer. All together for a will to be substantial, it must pursue particular rules. This likewise implies certain things and resources won't be incorporated into the will. Discover more about the normal will prohibitions.

• As you can without much of a stretch envision, specialists won't approve wills passing guns and unlawful substances. There are exemptions when the guns have a place with an accumulation and they have been put out for the count. Antique weapons are exceedingly significant and passing them to reliable inheritors is an unquestionable requirement.

• Co-claimed properties are additionally risky. You can't include joint occupancy properties in your will. With this kind…

Psychological militants Plan and Attack Soft Targets, What Do You Call It When Organized Unions Do That?

With regards to harming our economy precisely who is more regrettable, International Terrorists of Large Unions? The reason I ask is straightforward, you see we are in a Presidential Election year, with under 100-days to go, and the two hopefuls are looking at redistributing American Jobs and discussing why organizations are leaving the US and looking for less antagonistic business situations; bring down corporate expenses, few legal claims, more straightforward directions, and less sorrow from associations. Affirm so how about we discuss who is truly harming our economy will we?

There was a fascinating article that showed up in News and World Report on September 7, 2015 titled: "With contract termination nearing, UAW boss says he hasn't picked an auto organization to focus," by Tom Krisher, Associated Press Auto Writer - which expressed:

"... UAW President Dennis Williams said Monday he'll pick between Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler," and "Tal…