Are You Due Unpaid Overtime Wages?

With the economy on the slips, and employments elusive, numerous individuals are doing everything they can to clutch the occupations and every one of the wages they can. Tragically, some organization managers are exploiting these troublesome is and individuals are staying at work past 40 hours and not paying them. It is safe to say that you are one of those come up short on laborers? Is it true that you are confounded about business laws, additional time principles and your privileges as a representative?

Your manager may have disclosed to you that you are not qualified for additional time. You need to believe them however you should look at it for yourself. Kennedy Hodges and Solomon have assembled some valuable assets and references on their site which you can use to help comprehend your privileges and the laws for unpaid additional time. The came up short on extra time assets give the accompanying enlightening references:

Extra time Pay Requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This sheet clarifies the general principles about the Fair Labor Standards Act. Essentially, you have two choices when bringing an additional time guarantee. You can document a legal claim that incorporates your collaborators or you can record as a person. A lawyer can reveal to you what the best choice for you is.

Guidelines for Coverage Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This sheet discusses the two different ways you can petition for a joblessness guarantee.

The first is Enterprise Coverage. On the off chance that a business has at least two representatives and a yearly dollar volume of business of $500,000 or more, additional time guidelines apply. Emergency clinics and others that give medicinal administrations, schools and government organizations fall under this standard.

Singular Coverage applies when your activity includes interstate business or the creation of merchandise for interstate trade. For instance, janitors, secretaries and assembly line laborers who work for go with where merchandise are dispatched to another state qualify under these guidelines.

(It would be ideal if you note that all reports alluded to in this article can be effectively downloaded from the Kennedy Hodges and Solomon Houston extra time legal counselor website in the Unpaid Overtime Resources area or the U.S. Branch of Labor.)

Similarly as with numerous laws, there are exclusions. A few callings that are absolved are administrators, experts, and outside deals representatives. On the off chance that you figure you might be excluded, you can adapt more by perusing: Exemption for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Computer and Outside Sales Employees.

In any case, don't accept that you are excluded. Extraordinary guidelines apply to certain specialists, for example, security gatekeepers and support administration industry laborers. Here are some reality sheets that can clarify more:

Blue Collar Workers

Security Guard/Maintenance Service Industry Workers

Still befuddled? We urge you to call a legitimate extra time legal advisor to discuss your circumstance. Yet, meanwhile, here is a production that may support you:

Helpful Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act or Spanish Language Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

In any case, don't substitute what you read as lawful exhortation. Call an additional time legal advisor today to discuss your case.

Lee Solomon is an accomplished business, movement and additional time legal advisor in Houston [], Texas. He is one of the organizers of Kennedy Hodges and Solomon, a joint endeavor that was made when Kennedy Hodges, LLP and The Solomon Law Firm, P.C.


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